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At Airflow Appliance Repair, our goal is to discover the problems, find the solution and have your washing machine back to normal and working in no time. With our friendly service we will work you with you to answer all your questions about your broken washing machine and find the best possible way to repair it.

Washing machines are a workhorse in any home. Weather it be used by the single person or a large family, it will always be working around the clock to make sure your clothes are clean and fresh. However with constant use will also give the machine a chance to gain wear and tear. Many problems can occur with use and so we want to identify things to look out for.

Sometimes washing small loads with a machine may not register and therefore no spin may happen. The same can happen with overloading a machine so you have to take this into consideration. With this problem, excessive vibrations and unbalanced spin movement may occur, so itís good to take extra care when loading your machine.

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Another problem that may occur maybe that the machine isnít draining properly. This in most cases is simply fixed by either using an emergency drain facility (if your machine has one) or taking the hose from the machine and letting it drain into a sink or bath. Checking if the pump is clear and the fluff filter is free of any fibres may solve the issue as well.

A big issue which may need experts to look at your appliance is that the washing machine drum does not turn at all! This can involve a number of factors from a faulty motor and belt problems to worn brushes. Having an expert take the time to locate the problem will be a benefit and you will be able to get the problem fixed in no time!

Many old washing machines are a culprit in being noisy. You may put a load in and look to relax but you can not because your machine is making sounds like thunder. The first thing to do is check that it is not as simple thing such as loose change, keys or even a bra wire stuck or loose in the machine. If there is no evidence of these being the problem then it could be that your drum bearings are pretty much gone. If you rotate your washings machines drum and it makes a noise or feels loose than that could be your problem. Calling in a specialist to replace the bearings would be your next step.

There are endless things that could go wrong with a washing machine and we have highlighted just a few of the main issues. Should you ever have any questions about your washing machine, or if it's not working correctly then get in touch. Contact us at (888) 449-6147 or click here to schedule washing machine service online.

We work with all leading brands of washing machine including Whirlpool, Kenmore, LG, Samsung Maytag and many others, so whatever your machine type and problem, our experts will handle whatever type and problem is thrown at them.

With dedication, care, friendly and ethical services Airflow Appliance Repair are here for you always.

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