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Whether you own a Bosch refrigerator or a state of the art Sub-Zero model, the working condition of it, is essential to life. Refrigeration units preserve the very food that we need to survive. For this reason, when they happen to break, getting quick professional refrigeration repair can reduce the stress experienced from having a broken appliance.

There are several common problems that can cause refrigerators to stop operating properly. Knowing what to look for, can save thousands spent on buying a new refrigerator unit. For the most part, Airflow Appliance Repair can repair your refrigerator for a fraction of the cost of buying a new Viking, Samsung, Maytag or any other major refrigeration brand.

Common Repairable Refrigerator Problems

People have been known to purchase a brand new refrigerator, when in fact they could have saved their Kenmore, LG, Fisher & Paykel or other quality model by having appliance repair in the Pasadena area performed. Often people buy new, due to a misunderstanding that refrigeration repair and service would take several days. In actuality, most repair service can be performed with same day service.

The Most Common Refrigeration Repair Service Calls

Compressor Motor has stopped working - A very common refrigeration repair call that we receive at Airflow Appliance Repair is that the compressor no longer kicks on. This is a result of the compressor motor dying out, usually due to age or over usage, resulting from overstocking the refrigeration unit. The actual repair of replacing a compressor motor takes minimal time.

refrigerator compressor replacement

Our service vehicles will typically be stocked with a replacement compressor that will fit popular models such as Frigidaire, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Maytag and Whirlpool. If you have a GE Monogram, Miele, Thermador or any other model, chances are we have the part that you need.

Refrigeration Coolant Has Leaked Out - It can happen to any refrigerator at anytime. GE Profile, Kenmore, Maytag and all other refrigerators can have coolant leak out, resulting in a refrigerator that wonít cool. Refrigeration repair technicians are able to quickly repair the source of the leak and refill coolant, preventing you from having to replace your refrigerator with a new one.

Frayed Electrical Wiring - All too common problem that will cause your refrigerator to appear broken is having the electrical wiring fray. Pasadena refrigeration repair technicians will remove frayed wires and replace them with new wires. This is a very quick refrigeration service call, with the most time going towards the actual locating of the damaged and frayed wires.

Start Relay Has Malfunctioned - A common refrigeration problem that can result in the compressor not working or working less than usual is having the start relay malfunction. The start relay is a small part connected to the side of the compressor, it basically commands the compressor by turning it on at specific times. Refrigeration repair technicians can replace a start relay in minimal time, thereby repairing your refrigerator unit so that you wonít need to buy a new one.

When Should You Call Airflow Appliance Repair?

To prevent further damage to your refrigerator, you should call as soon as you recognize an alteration in how your refrigerator usually operates. This can include a louder than usual running sound, failure to cool or even the absence of sound. All these normal fluctuations could hint at an oncoming problem. By having refrigeration repair done early, youíll be able to prevent further damage and the possibility of your refrigerator going out while you are asleep or out of town.

refrigerator not cold enough

A Few Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Refrigerator

As much as we love coming to visit, we also would love to save you from needing refrigeration repair in the first place. By providing your refrigerator with an ideal environment, you can prolong its life and will need fewer appliance repair calls.

Leave Room Between the Refrigerator and Wall
Donít Overfill the Refrigerator
Avoid Leaving Refrigerator Doors Open

These are all small instances that can cause a refrigerator to run harder. A result that may cause the compressor, start relay or any other mechanical part to wear down and eventually break. If you have noticed that your refrigerator isnít running right, call the professionals at Airflow Appliance Repair and weíll gladly provide you with quality service that will keep your refrigerator running like new.

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